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D3Sciences is dedicated to the development of tools for improved tissue sampling to expand cancer diagnosis, therapy specificity, and research

Vision: A world without cancer, through accelerated research, accurate diagnosis, and precision medicine

Detecting, Diagnosing and Treating Cancer
To detect, diagnose, and treat internal cancer requires a team of healthcare providers led generally by three specialist physicians: oncologists, radiologists, and pathologists. Upon examining a patient, and assessing the indicators for the presence of the disease, the oncologist consults with the radiologist and the decision is made for the radiologist to perform an image-guided biopsy to obtain tissue samples.

If a sufficient volume of tissue can be collected in a biopsy, a complete range of sub-typing tests can be performed. The oncologist can run a broad range of tests to achieve the necessary degree of personalization in chemoradiation therapy instead of having to use a probability-based formulation as typically happens today.

The physicians involved in treating a cancer patient want to achieve the highest possible specificity, enabling them to target the cancer and minimize the discomfort and suffering of the patient. To achieve this goal, they need larger biopsy tissue samples.

Mission: Creating tools to improve tissue sampling for rapid, precise, and cost effective delivery of care to cancer patients

Do More with More
The Challenge:
• Modern cancer diagnosis and treatment protocols require increasingly larger tissue samples as testing capabilities improve
• Biopsy techniques have remained static, typically providing less-than-adequate tissue samples, limiting the extent to which these testing improvements can be applied
• Larger sample sizes result in more extensive and accurate lab results with fewer sampling errors, but have traditionally required more invasive procedures

Recognizing this evolutionary divergence between testing and biopsies, the founders of D3Sciences intend to solve this challenge, and to open the world of cancer research to the possibilities only achievable with larger tissue samples. Our vision is to satisfy these needs universally recognized by medical providers, to “Do More with More.”

The D3Sciences Team

An Experienced group of Medical and Business Professionals

Nicholas W. Lim, MBA

Nicholas W. Lim, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Michael C. Larson, MD PhD

Michael C. Larson, MD PhD

Chief Science Officer